Welcome to Africa Holding!

Africa Holding = AH work on world biggest reconstruction of Africas poorest countries.  Africa holding is the commercial part of Project Africa. AH will build Africas poorest countries to productive countries.

Project Africa is the promoting part of entire project. Project Africa promote and manage much of the Project. Project Africa is the charity part of entire project. Africa Holding = AH is the commercial and business part of the project.

Example: Africa Holding builds up the energy plants for solar energy. AH: Purchase the 3D printers for 3D construction.  One 3D construction printer cost around 1 000 000 USD. With this print, we plan to print:  1 – 2 Million units.By using our own energy production and mining waste as construction raw material we get very cost effective construction. Each unit price around 1 USD. We sell energy to commercial units like hotels, city centers, commercial and business centers. Also our commercial 3D construction we will selling or be renting out. The housing construction is donated to Project Africa that distributes these units to people in need. Each unit is planned to have living space for 4-8 people. Electricity. TV for education. Fridge for food. Kitchen with water and cooking.

For Investors, this is a unique project to invest in. We are building up entire countries with central banks, cashless (corrupt free) economy. infrastructure, energy, construction, communications and much more. There will be very long term profits thanks to operation planned to be in 22 African countries. This will also split the risk in the investment. Basically, money is not invested in the country, it is invested in the tools that will be brought into the country.